TENNIS Betting Guide


Tips for betting on tennis

This article will introduce you to bets we can do on tennis, what to pay attention, and how we are successful in our bets.

Tennis matches are played in 3 sets, as needed 2 won victory. At the Grand Slam tournaments and Davis Cup play won 3 sets of 5.

Women always play up to 2 won by 3 sets of whatever rank is the tournament.

Each set is played to win 6 games, and if the result is 5-5 in sets played 7 games, because to win the set, a player must keep at least 2 games.

Only if service games are played 6-6 tiebreak which determines who will win game 7 and sets.

Types of tennis betting :

Outright match

This is the simplest bet that just choose a tennis match and decide on who to bet on. Before betting, however, are interested mainly in what form are the two players and what the statistics of the matches between them. If the tournament is more advanced see how graduate previous game, how long it lasted, because fatigue often indicates influence on tennis players.

Outright game

In each game the winner can only be one. Usually a better chance to win games is the tennis player who beat the serve. But this applies largely in men. In women’s matches, not entirely sure that this served will win, because tennis player, who beat strong servings are quite few.

In games can be made so-called breakthrough. This is when the tennis player who served in the games it lost. This means that the other player breaks in games. Breakthroughs are very typical in females games and matches between outstanding favorites to weaker than them.

Outright point

You have the opportunity to bet even the winner of the rally. This option is always active for the next point in the game, not the one that is currently playing. Basically tennis player serving is the favorite to win the rally, but of course depends on the couple players who play each other.

Set Betting - Total games

The maximum number of games that can be played in a set is 13. If you think the match is contested and none of the tennis players will not allow a breakthrough, ie will win every game, which served then the result obviously will be 6-6 games. Then play tiebreak which automatically means 13 total games in this set. When you encounter such a match you can safely bet on more than a certain number of games. If you see one player to “crush” its rival betting on Under certain number of games.

Set Betting - Result

You have to calculate, how the breach is capable your favorite and is good at his serve. After making this account, you can bet on the correct score games in a set.

Total bets on games in a match

If you think the match will be disputed and there will be many games played as the winner, then you can bet more than a certain number of games in a match. If you’ve thought the favorite will win fewer games, bet on Under certain number of games in a match.

Betting Game - Result

You can bet on how many will be won the given game. Usually tennis players with strong servings winning service games to 0 or 15, so can you trust.

Watch the form of tennis players

To be successful in tennis betting, monitor the form of the players. Good practice is to select a few players from both associations keep track of their games, their results and thus successfully predict their subsequent games.

If you are looking for a surprise …

If you are looking surprised and gain a higher coefficient note of women’s matches. First there very often get breakouts, and very often the second tennis player leading with 5-2 games, for example, and having to step on to win the set, allowed to drop your game and losing a set 5-7 for example. Naturally, to make such an assumption should watch the match live.

Of course, tennis is a great game and made bets on tennis has always been filled with thrills and emotions. Follow the rules for tennis betting and win money. Success!