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Malaga is in the last place before the game against Valencia. Read our soccer predictions below.
The last Malaga

The situation of Malaga is not good. The team is firmly in the final position with only 13 points so far and seven from the rescue shore. In their last 8 rounds the hosts have no win. However, the relatively poorly-performing games they make lately are impressed. Malaga’s last 11 defeats were a few goals and all under 2.5 goals in the match. The bad thing is that in their last 4 games they have no goal scored. Last week they presented themselves worthy, but eventually allowed a new loss – 0: 1 from Atletico Madrid. Something urgently needs to happen if they do not want to say goodbye to their place in the elite.

In Valencia

Valencia is in the third position in the standings. The guests also had an unpleasant period and recorded a series of six consecutive losses. Her end, however, came last week when they beat 3: 1 home Levante. Now the “bats” will try to continue with a new victory in this visit. Last month, however, they made a mistake in their last visit to Las Palmas and lost 2: 1. So now they have to take a lesson and not allow for another such loss.

Malaga should take urgent measures to improve the team’s results. There is a slight progress in the defense plan but only that is not enough for the moment and only two goals for the last 8 rounds will not come the positive change. Valencia returned to victory last week. The guests definitely lost their brilliance at the beginning of the season, but they would have to win this time if they claim something more.
Soccer predictions : 2


SPAL – Milan , asian handicap predictions for the derby in Serie A.
Milan’s team hosts the new SPAL in a 24th round of the A Series. The meeting is on Saturday as the guests will try to return to the winning path after having made a 1: 1 draw against Udinese in the last round.
The SPAL team is in the relegation zone and this is not surprising given their recent performance. Even before the start of the season, they were among the favorites to win, as they did not have a large footprint in their composition and equivalent footballers on the bench. The SPAL team has 17 points after 23 games, with two draws and three losses in its previous five games. In the last round, they lost 0-2 as Cagliari’s guests in an important match on the survival battle. In his last home, however, SPAL made 1: 1 against Inter as they reached the point at the end of the match. Now the hosts will try to disappoint the other Milan winner, who has fallen in the last round.
Milan was on the right track against Udinese and was not far from winning the three points, but defender Calabria got a red card in the 68th minute and it was very difficult for the Rossoneri to keep their advances after Sousse had scored in the ninth minute . Fifteen minutes before the end of the match, Udinese managed to equalize and Gennaro Gatuzo’s graduates must be considered lucky not to lose the match. It was a second consecutive match for them without a win after several days before they made 0: 0 against Lazio in the Italian Cup.
Milan has scored five points in its last three away games and still has a lot to improve in the game. However, the Rossoneri performs much more strongly than the start of the season. In my opinion, Gennaro Gatuzo will be able to fight for the three points, because in the event of a draw or a loss, Milan will be far behind the top 6 in the event that Sampdoria won his home on Verona on Sunday.

Asian handicap predictions : Away  AH -0,75


After two draws, Chelsea stays at Brighton. We offer you our soccer betting tips for the game.
After the victories of Manchester United and Liverpool in the last two rounds, Chelsea’s team dropped to the fourth position. But this week, they have the opportunity to return to second place, but this is through a mandatory victory over Brighton. London’s Blue had no problems in hosting this rival last month, but now they have to go, which can complicate their task.

Brighton have one victory in their last eight households

Brighton are in 16th place in the standings, scoring only three points from the relegation zone. But so is the difference from the tenth place in the ranking. The team is already in a series of four consecutive games without success, and three of them have not even managed to score. Brighton are masters of equality, especially when they are hosts. In their last eight home games they have six draws.

Chelsea have a loss in their last 15 games

Chelsea has only one loss in its last 15 championship games, but in its last two games they have only managed to draw, which does not suit them in view of the ambitions of the team. Recently, the blues did not perform well in their tournaments, with only five victories over Huddersfield in their last five visits. Antonio Conte will also have problems in the attack, as Alvaro Morata and Pedro are serving penalties.

Soccer betting tips : 2


Eibar is not for relegation against Atletico M

The Eibar team

Eibar is ranked seventh, so it’s not to be underestimated. The hosts started the new year as well as the old one, namely with victory. Last week they won 2-1 with Las Palmas. It was also the third consecutive win in the league. On their last home they beat 4: 1 with Chiron. Eibar won 6 of his last 7 games in the championship, and before he lost 3: 1 to Real Sociedad. Therefore, the seventh place in the ranking is not accidental. Well analyzed soccer betting tips you will find on our site.

Atletico Madrid

Atletico Madrid continues to take second place in the table. They have two points ahead of the third Valencia and are lagging behind Barcelona’s 9th leader. The guests ended the 2017s with a loss from Espanyol, but the new 2018s started it with 3 wins in 3 games so far. In the week they also won a 3: 0 defeat against Leida for the Cup and so a 7: 0 overall progress went ahead. In the last round they won with their 2: 0 home of Getafe and so continue without a goal in the new year. Rebounding Diego Costa scored two goals in these games, but he also scored a red card last week, so he is now punished. They are also punished by Gabi and Stefan Savic.

Ebbar showed a pretty good shape in his last games, and is generally not for detraction in this match. Athletico, however, remains the favorite for the victory. The guests win such games without much shine and we assume that the situation will be similar here.
Soccer betting tips : 2, under 2.5 goals


Soccer predictions for Liverpool – Leicester
Liverpool hosts Leicester in a match of the 21st round of the English Premier League.

The Liverpool team ranks fourth in the standings with a total of 38 points, one more than the fifth Tottenham. Merseyside played a very strong game on Tuesday after defeating Swansea City 5-0 at home. Roberto Firmino scored two hits for the firm success, and added Philippe Coettinho, Alexander Arnold and Alex Oksley-Chamberlain. The hosts scored the impressive 12 goals in their last three league games. Before the win over Swansea, they made 3:3 as Arsenal guests and beat Bournemouth with 4:0. In three of his last four games, Juergen Klopp’s team retained a dry net. Liverpool’s defense seems to be stable against the lower half, but we saw that the “gunners” were back in the defense. With the attraction of Virgil Van Dyke, the home defense is expected to improve after Merseyside made a record deal a few days ago to attract a Dutch footballer to Southampton.

Leicester’s team can not come out of the crisis that kicks off with a 0:3 defeat from Crystal Palace home on Dec. 16. “The Foxes” have lost three of their last four games, as in the last round they have retreated 1:2 at Watford’s visit. Leicester’s team is an outsider in the upcoming match, with bookmakers expecting a relatively easy success for Liverpool. Leicester lost five of his last six Anfield tours and did not play well this season, which suggests why they are not expected to leave as Liverpool winners.

However, Claude Puel’s team likes to play offensive and we believe he will be a Liverpool rival. The hosts are one of the best teams in the Premier League attack and we think we will get a result in the last match of the two teams in 2017.

Soccer Predictions: Over 3.5 goals


Monaco can win the second place if defeating Rennes. Soccer betting tips for that match below.

Champion Monaco

Monaco is in second place but has equal points with third Lyon. So hosts need a victory that can leave them winter in their current position. After the poor performance and dropout in the Champions League, now the “Monegasque” can focus their efforts on the championship. They have 3 consecutive wins in the game. The last of them came this Friday when they won a convincing 4:0 visit to St. Etienne. For now, as host in League 1, Monaco has only lost a PSG, and in his last game he has turned heroic Troy from 0:2 to 3:2. The possibilities of mobile betting may also be needed in this match, so it is good to be well informed about them.

Few for Rennes

Rehn ranks seventh in the standings, so it’s not to be underestimated. The team had won 6 of their last 8 matches in League 1. However, on the weekend they lost a 1:4 PSG. Previously, they only reached 1:1 as the last Metz guest. Earlier in the season, however, Wen won a 3:1 guest over Marseille. However, guests are not consistent enough in their performances, which prevented them from getting ahead.

Monaco is not at the level of last season but still performs well and often wins his matches. This may not be easy for the hosts, but they have to look for victory in it to stay second. Rennes has had a good time in League One, which climbed them up in the rankings. In general, however, the lack of persistence hinders them more. We think Monaco will record another victory, which will be the second consecutive loss for Rehn.
Soccer betting tips : 1, over 2.5 goals


Inter will keep its first place against Udinese. Read our football betting tips for that game.

Leader Inter

Inter continues to be the leader in the Serie A with a point ahead of Napoli and two ahead of Juventus. Last week, the “Nerazzurri” scored a zero draw against Juve and thus remain the only unbeaten team in the season, having previously registered 0-0 against Napoli. On his “Giuseppe Meazza” Inter has so far achieved seven wins and only one draw. It was against Torino’s boys team. During the week Inter played an eighth-finals match for the Italian Cup, which started with mostly reserve players. The meeting was with the amateur Pordenone and ended without goals, and Inter went ahead after penalties.

Udinese’s team

The Udinese team does not impress anyone with what in the current campaign. Guests are ranked 13th at the moment. However they won in the last two rounds without a goal. Last week they beat Benetton 2:0 and won 3-0 as a guest over Krotone. Prior to these two games, they also made a success for the Cup, so they have three successive successes. Curiously, Udinese is still the only non-Serie A team.

Inter is doing pretty well this season. Here they have a good opportunity to maintain their leadership position and continue without loss. Udinese is not the weak, but this season’s performance is not impressive. So Inter has to win these games if he wants to stay in the fight for the title.
Football betting tips : 1, over 2.5 goals


Soccer Prediction of Southampton match with Arsenal
Arsenal without any particular difficulty won the first place in its Europa League group, but the harder part of them is to fight against the competition in the English Premier League. This week they are visiting Southampton, and at Efbet you will find a high score for winning the guests. The gunners have won their two games against this rival last season, which will give them confidence.

Southampton has one win in its last six games

Southampton are in the middle of the table, and in 15 games since the season they have only four wins. In their last six games, the team only once reached the three points. The team’s stats look a bit more optimistic at home games, with eight games on their own field having three wins and three losses. This time, however, Arsenal is visiting them so a new success will definitely be a very difficult task.

Arsenal has only two victories in its last seven away games

Despite the many positions they created, Arsenal’s team retreated to Manchester United at their meeting last week. So the team stayed fifth, but still not so far away from the teams in front of them, with the exception of Manchester City. Gunners have won nine of their 15 games since the start of the season, but their victory in the tournament is only two.
Soccer prediction : 2


Real and Seville argue for top 4. Read our football betting picks below.
Real Madrid

Real Madrid has the fourth position with Sevilla, but “kings” have a better goal difference. This season the hosts are not particularly convincing. In the last round they finished 0:0 outside with Athletic Bilbao, and before that they won 3:2 here Malaga. In the week they beat 3:2 and Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League. Real is already lagging behind 8 points from the top, and each subsequent mistake can actually pull them out of the fight for the first place. So in the current situation of having to fight even place in the top 4 match due to penalties miss Sergio Ramos Carvajal and casemiro.

In Seville

Sevilla is currently fifth but has equal points with his rival. The visitors recorded only one loss in their last 10 games, and it was Barcelona’s 2:1 Noam Camp. However, there are three consecutive wins in Primer and a total of 6 consecutive matches without defeat in all tournaments. During the week, they secured a lead in the Champions League, though they failed to beat Maribor as a guest and made 1:1. Above Sevilla is one unpleasant statistic lately, and it is that they lost their last 10 visits to Santiago Bernabeu.

Real Madrid can split three points from his rival in a win and at least for the top 4 to breathe more calmly at the moment. Sevilla we know is a hard team capable of confusing the bills. Although Real is not so convincing this season, we expect to win this game. Otherwise, even the last hope for the title could evaporate early.
Football betting picks : 1, over 2.5, goals / goals


Braga will not lose at home against Hoffenheim . Read our Soccer betting predictions here.
The teams of Braga and Hoffenheim are amongst themselves in a Group C meeting of League Europe. The Braga hosts are second with 7 points, while Hoffe has 4 points and ranks third. An important match for both teams.

The news for the home team

Braga registered 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss so far as they participated in the group. At home they are victorious and lose, but now their most important household is ahead. If they win it, their ranking is guaranteed. The form of the team recently shows 2 wins, losses and draws. The team has not won in three consecutive matches. But home Braga has 4 wins and 2 defeats in 6 games. Marafona is injured and questioned about Rosic, Mauro and Wilson Eduardo.

The news for the visiting team

Hoffenheim began his participation in the group with 2 defeats, after which he registered victory and draws. So their chances of being ranked ahead were kept alive, but they will have to fight for victory at the upcoming meeting. Their shape is not good anymore, as Hoffe has 2 defeats, 3 draws and only 1 win in 6 matches of all the tournaments. The weekend did not manage to fight home against Eintracht Frankfurt, with the match finishing 1-1. Bichakchich, Hubner, Zul and Shalay are questionable about the match. Serge Gnabri has at least returned from an injury.

One match so far between them

Only one meeting here between the two teams, which dates back to mid-September. Then Braga managed to win in Germany by 1-2. In 6 games since the beginning of this year’s Euro campaign, Hoffenheim’s team has not missed to write at least once. This gives them hopes for the upcoming meeting. Braga, however, can well close his opponents at home and win without much noise. We are definitely expecting a very interesting match. In view of what the bookmakers offer, our view is that betting on a double chance of winning Braga or a tie in the final result is a very good choice. Still, Hoffenheim is not in its best shape. Our second prognosis is for both teams to play in the match.
Soccer Betting Predictions: 1X, goal / goal


Unbelievable! Bulgarian graduates the year as number 3 in the world!

The best Bulgarian tennis player Grigor Dimitrov is No. 3 in the ATP rankings. Moreover, the 26-year-old Haskovlia can not be shifted from this position until the end of the year and will end 2017th as number 3 in the world – a record ranking in the Bulgarian career so far.

With his victory over the American Jack Soccer in the semi-finals of the ATP Final Tournament in London on Saturday evening, Dimitrov added to his asset another 400 points. Since the start of the tournament he has added 1000 points as he has recorded three wins in the group stage and each of them has scored 200 points. Dimitrov currently has 4650 points, and this will be officially reflected in the update of the world rankings on Monday. However, this is already a fact, and Grigor has replaced the 20-year-old German superstar Alexander Zverev, who remains 40 points less than 4610, out of third position. The maximum number of points that Grigor can finish the year is 5150.
Spaniard Rafael Nadal is the No. 1 season with 10645 points, and second with 9605 is Federer, who in the first third of 2018 has to defend many points accumulated after the Australian Open titles and the Masters in Indian Wells and Miami. Dimitrov also has a lot of points to defend at the start of next year as he reached the semifinals in Melbourne (720 points) and grabbed the titles in Brisbane (250) and Sofia (250).
Gregor’s rival in the final, the Belgian David Goffen, could not move the Bulgarian from third place even if he triumphed with the trophy on Sunday. If Gophen prevails over Grigor, the Belgian will collect 4275 points. Goffen, who shook the 19th record holder of the 19th Grand Slam titles Roger Federer in the first semi-final, currently has 3775 points, which rank him seventh in the rankings.


PSG accepts Nantes in search of new home three points. Read our asian handicap soccer prediction here:
PSG continue to boldly go to the title in France, with their upcoming rival being Nantes. History shows that this is one of the most comfortable opponents for Parisians who have managed to win their last 13 clash with Nantes in all the races. Moreover, PSGs have even managed to keep their grid dry in eight of their last nine households of this rival.

PSGs have been undefeated since the start of the season

PSGs are unbeatable both in the Champions League and in the first league of France. In the tournament of the rich they have four wins in four games and a total goal difference of 17: 0. In the home championship, the team has scored two draws since the start of the season, but has won all the other ten matches, which brings them four points ahead of the second in the standings. At home PSG have won all of their six games, and in a convincing way.

Nantes have a loss in their last ten games

Nantes also made a strong season so far, at least against the backdrop of anticipation for the team. They are ranked fifth in the standings, recording seven wins in their first 12 games. The team is unbeaten in nine of its last ten fights but is not known as a particularly strong guest, losing Dijon’s last visit so far. Now their opponent is significantly more serious, so their loss is almost certain.

Asian handicap soccer prediction: Home AH -2


Bristol Rovers – Swindon Town , football betting predictions.

Bristol Rovers hosts Swindon Town in a match from the final round of the group stage of the EFL Trophy tournament. The duel will be played tonight at 19:45 in Bristol.

The match between these two teams is a direct clash for the second place. Bristol and Swindon have a three-point lead after the first two rounds of the tournament. Leader of the group is West Ham team up to 21 years old, who will surely move on. So Bristol Rovers and Swindon Town go into direct elimination as an advantage should have the host team, who is playing in a higher division.

Bristol team is in 13th place in League 1, but has not had good results lately. In their last five games, the team has only one win – 2:0 against MK Dons on October 28th. The Rovers then lost 1:3 home from West Ham to 21, and in their last game the team dropped into the first round of the FA Cup after being defeated by 2:4 as a guest of Notts County. In his ten home games since the start of the season, Bristol Rovers has six wins and four losses. They will hope that their better form of own play will be important and will deal with their opponent on Wednesday night.

Guests from Swindon Town are fifth in the standings of League Two. They had weekend joy when they beat Dartford 5-1. Swindon’s team is in a series of four consecutive wins in all the tournaments and will arrive at Bristol in a good mood. In the Efl Trophy tournament they started with a 2:3 loss from West Ham and then beat Wicombe with 1:0, winning Swindon in both matches.

Given Bristol’s weak form, this game is very important for them to regain their self-esteem. In our view, the hosts will return to the winning streets and will beat the Swindon team, for which the EFL Trophy should not be so important.

Football betting predictions : 1


AEK hopes to resist Milan again. We offer you our soccer betting predictions here:

The AEK team

AEK managed to withstand the pressure in Milan and won a zero draw. So they continue without loss in the group and now have 5 points in their assets. They achieved one win so far, which was 2:1 as a guest over Rijeka. Then they made home 2:2 with Austria Vienna. In the Greek Championship, AEK is in the third position and is only two points behind the leader Olympiakos. The last AEK participation in the groups was in 2011, and then they won only three points in one win, in a group with Anderlecht, Sturm and Lokomotiv Moscow. The Bwin bookmaker licensed in Bulgaria offers various bonuses, such as Free Bet Mania, where you can have up to 10 lv bonus every day.

Milan’s team

Milan controlled the events in the first match and made a lot of gaps, but they did not realize. Previously, they won their two games from the group and are now in the first place. They beat Drake dramatically 3:2, before winning convincingly 5:1 in Vienna against Austria. Still, the Rosoners still do not justify high expectations and do not perform at a particularly high level. That also implied a 0:2 loss from Juventus over the weekend. Still the team can not get into shape, although at the beginning of the season there were such signs.

AEK has kept its door dry, which it hopes to do now to its own audience. The Greeks did not attack much in the first match and logically expected more counter-attacks. It is now possible to have a similar approach to the match again. Milan is certainly not in the best shape. This time, we hope to be able to break through at least once the Greek door and we will be successful for the guests.
Soccer betting Predictions: 2, under 2.5 goals


Inter – Sampdoria
Inter and Sampdoria’s teams have begun the mid-tenth round in the A Series. Below was our asian handicap predictions for that match.

The hosts played another strong match over the weekend when they made 0:0 in a visit to leader Napoli. Inter was second in the standings with 23 points, two less than Neapolitan. Inter, however, has only a point ahead of Juventus and Lazio, so they are under serious pressure and have to take the three points against Sampdoria. However, guests are doing well and are looking for a third consecutive victory after their last two games defeated Atalanta and Crotonne.

In their last home, Inter’s team beat 3: 2 in the big derby, and Mauro Icardi scored three successes and the superlatives went down. Inter has won all four home games since the start of the season, only against the “Rosoneri”. Now they will hope to keep a new dry network, but that will not be easy.

On Saturday, Sampdoria defeated Croton with 5: 0 at home, and before that he beat Atalanta 3: 1 in Genoa. So guests have scored eight goals in their last two games and will be confident they can find the net against Inter. However, this did not happen at the last visit of the team, when the “sailors” lost 0: 4 from Udinese. In fact, this is the only defeat of the team as in its other three games, Sampdoria recorded one victory and two draws.

In his last visit to Giuseppe Meazza, Sampdoria won 2-1 and triumphed in the previous two matches against Inter. But now Luciano Spaleti is at the head of the “blue-black” and they play very well, so we expect the victory to be for the hosts.

Asian handicap predictions : Home  – 1


Roma will try to stop the Napoli victory series. Here was our soccer betting tips for that clash.

The manifestations of Roma

Roma are in fifth place, but they have a lesser match than other teams. The hosts have scored 5 wins and 1 loss so far. It was 1: 3 here from Inter. They are currently in a series of 5 consecutive wins in all tournaments. In the last round, they managed to win a comfortable 2-0 victory over Milan. Since the beginning of the season, the “wolves” have managed to spell out in every game. They did not do it only against Atletico Madrid in the Champions League. At the same time, you can register with Efbet to get an initial bonus up to ? 110.

Leader Napoli

Napoli makes an excellent start this season. After 7 wins in 7 matches in Italy are the leader in the two-point advance. So they are now becoming a major contender for the scum. Neapolitanians have won 10 of their 11 matches in all races so far. They did not win only on their visit to Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League, where they fell by 2: 1. Less than a month ago, Napoli won his Olympiacos victory against the other Lazio team with a 4: 1 lead.

This derby also has indications to be spectacular. Roma continued with their victories in recent games and rarely missed the scoring. Napoli goes better than last season and will try to keep on winning. The visitors also make quite effective matches, so the goals will be expected in this clash. As a final sign, we will turn to the Neapolitan.
Soccer betting tips : 2, goal / goal


Liverpool and Sevilla are favorites for the first two places in Group E. Read our football betting tips for that game.

The hosts from Liverpool

Three years later Liverpool is again in the Champions League. They had to go through a playoff where they met Hoffenheim. Both matches were won by Merseyside with a total score of 6: 3. During his last participation in the groups in 2014, have performed poorly and finished last in the company of Real Madrid, Basel and Ludogorets. Over the weekend they received a slamming hit in the high league and were defeated 5-0 as a guest from Manchester City. They were quickly knocked down on the ground after having previously made a comfortable 4-0 victory over Arsenal.

Guests from Seville

For the third consecutive season, Sevilla is in the group stage of the tournament. The last time they left the group and played the last round. They were removed from another English team, Leicester, with a total score of 2: 3 in both matches. The Spaniards also went through the playoff stage to join the groups. There, Turkey’s Istanbul Bashkachevir met with a total score of 4: 3. On Saturday they also won their match against Spain in the Spanish Championship against Aubar by 3: 0.

In 2016, both teams played in the Europa League final. Then Liverpool led with a 1-0 draw on the break, but in the second half Sevilla turned to 3: 1 and won the trophy. Now Liverpool is a favorite but is certainly not expecting a light match. The resulting home matches may well continue and we expect to have goals in the match and both teams are likely to score.
Football betting tips : over 2.5 goals or goal / goal


Can Denmark make first loss to Poland? Here was our soccer betting predictions for that game.

How Denmark goes

Denmark is in third place and has an equal number of points with the second Montenegro. Leaving them from the top is 6 points. However, the last matches of the Danes have given some hope. There are no losses in the last 5 games, two of which are controls. The last qualification won her 3: 1 as a guest of Kazakhstan. Before that, they rode zero with a draw against Romania and beat home Kazakhstan 4: 1. Before these matches, however, they lost at home with 0: 1 from Montenegro, which is their main rival in the fight. Inform yourself in good time about the bonuses that many of the bookmakers provide.

The driver Poland

Poland is the leader in Group E and heads the lead by 6 points. The Poles are in great shape and are deserved first. They still have no loss, and their balance is 5 wins and 1 draw. The remake was at the visit of Kazakhstan, which finished 2: 2 in their first qualifying match. After that they entered a series of 5 consecutive wins over all the others in the group. In addition, the “Poles” scored at least 2 goals per game, and Lewandowski scored top scorer before the start of the round, along with Cristiano Ronaldo – both of them with 11 goals.

Polska seems unattainable at the top at the moment. Denmark needs more success, but may not be able to reach it. There are generally no goals when the two teams are on the pitch. It is difficult to choose a sign for this match and our goals seem a good option for a test.
Soccer Betting Predictions: goal / goal or over 2.5 goals


Tennis single bet prediction for Rafael Nadal – Dusan Lajovic

Rafael Nadal began his US Open on Tuesday with a match against Dushan Lajovic from the first round of the tournament. The duel is third in the program of the central court “Arthur Ashe Stadium”
Rafa Nadal goes out in this game as number one in the world after having reached the 1/4-finals at Cincinnati to secure a return to the top of men’s tennis. Nadal dropped out of Kyrgyzos after losing 0: 2 in Cincinnati, before defeating Richard Gasquet and Albert Ramos. In Montreal, Nadal did not come back strong after losing a third round of teenage Dennis Shapovalov with 1: 2 sets. At first glance, the Spaniard should not have any problems with Lajovic at the start of the US Open after the Serb is the 85th in the world.

Dusan Lajovic is 27 years old and so he has not done anything serious in his career. He can not even find himself in the top 50 and we can say he is a mediocre tennis player. Lajovic even rarely participated in the Masters Tournaments as the last game of the Challenger in Winston Salem, where he lost in the second set of Roberto Bautista Agut with 0: 2 sets.

In the only match between Rafael Nadal won the Roland Garros 3: 0 set in 2014 and we expect the Spanish tennis player to win a convincing victory over Lajovic.

Tennis Single Bet Prediction: Rafael Nadal to win by 3: 0 sets


Football bets predictions for today
Today, some of the teams in the Champions League will become clear. From 19:45 there is a rematch between Nice and Napoli.

The situation for Nice

Luck smiled to Nice in the third qualifying round when they removed Ajax after two draws. After that, things did not go well for the French. They lost two of their three matches in the French Championship. They lost 2-0 the first game with Napoli in Italy. Aside from two clear goals, the first match was won by Alessandr Plea and Vincenne Koziello and now they will miss the rematch. So the situation does not look good for the hosts before this game.

The situation for Napoli

Naples started the season well. A big plus for the guests is that they kept their door dry in the first game. On Saturday, they started with a new season in the Italian Serie A, and with a 3: 1 victory over Verona. Napoli has positive statistics against French teams. Of the matches against UEFA, their balance is 5 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. In the matches against the French, they have 2 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss.

So far both teams have played only two friendly matches over the past two years. One was won by Nice 3: 2 and the other Napoli won her 3: 0. The Italians are undoubtedly a favorite, especially after the comfortable win in the first game. It seems that the bands will re-qualify, while Nice still has not much experience in Europe and will be happy this year with the Europa League.

Our football predictions for today was BTTS or away win.


Grigor Dimitrov is No. 1 in Cincinnati
Grigor Dimitrov won the most prestigious trophy in his career! The Bulgarian triumphs at “Masters 1000” in Cincinnati after a 6: 3, 7: 5 victory over No. 23 in the world Nick Kirghios. For Gries the title is third this season after his success in Brisbane and Sofia and a total of seven in the professional. In the course of the tournament, Grisos lost only one of his service games, and he also recorded more victories over the mighty John Isner and Juan Martin del Potro. He scores 1000 points for the world rankings and a check for $ 954,225. It is very important to note that with this triumph, he climbs up to sixth in the ATP Race Rankings only for 2017 and will be placed under No. 7 at the US Open. The beginning was not the best for Dimitrov. At 2: 2 he made two consecutive double mistakes and lagged 30:40. However, the Bulgarian saved the break point after a long game and saved the game. Shortly afterward, he punished the Australian by taking his shot – 4: 2. Grisha pulled his next serve hard, saving a chance for a rebirk and firing for 5: 2. By the end, Grigor had no problems and closed with 6: 3. After a 3: 3 break, Kyrgyzos saved the first two break points by placing an ace and eventually winning the seventh game. By the end of the match, the Bulgarian did not hesitate and ended everything in his favor. “Nick, it’s very difficult to play against you – they were the first words of our first missile at the championship ceremony.” Congratulations on reaching the finish line Yesterday I saw your mother and I wished her luck and she said “I think I’ll see you “I thank my team, my family, thank you for the support, I love to play here,” Dimitrov continued, and finally he turned to Bulgarian to his compatriots on the stands to thank them.Moreover, Grigor Dimitrov Became the second champion in the Masters 1000 series, which was born after 1990. Thus, Watts week Bulgarian tennis player returned to the top 10 and will be in ninth place. Leader Rafael Nadal to Andi Mari and Rodzhar Federer.


Grigor Dimitrov took a Japanese and was already a semi-finalist at Cincinnati
Grigor Dimitrov played his next strong match at the Masters Series in Cincinnati. Our first missile overcame the quarterfinals after a convincing win with 6: 2, 6: 1 over Yuichi Sugita. The 46th in the world was almost no resistance to Dimitrov, who will face John Isner in the semifinals. The American giant prevailed over compatriot Jared Donaldson 7: 6 (4), 7: 5.

Victory is second to Grigor against 28-year-old Sugita from two games played. They also met last season in Toronto when Grigor won 5: 7, 7: 6 (5), 6: 4.
The Bulgarian took the opening game to zero, then took advantage of several suicide errors and realized an early break. The perfect start inspired a further confidence of Grigor, who was the full master of the court, and for the moment did not miss the initiative. Dimitrov was very reliant on the Japanese service but at the same time he was uncompromising when he had the initial blow.

In 5: 2 in his favor, the hoszkliff got three sets of matches, but missed them. Sugita, however, made a double mistake and eventually failed to withhold his bid.
The second set was no different. Dimitrov went on with a quick break and finally broke his opponent. There was another easy game for the native tennis player and another breakthrough, after which the only goal in front of Sugita was not to lose the set to zero. Dimitrov’s easy release allowed the Japanese to come to a game of honor, but nothing more – 6: 1 for Grigor and place in the semifinals.

Last season, Grigor also reached the semi-finals in Cincinnati, where he was eliminated by Marin Cilic.


Nadal qualified for the third round at Cincinnati

Rafael Nadal (Spain) qualified for the third round of the Masters Series in Cincinnati (USA) with a prize pool of 5.244 million dollars. The 2013 champion Nadal has overran the Frenchman Richard Gasquet 6: 3, 6: 4. The Spaniard made a break in the beginning of both parts and recorded the 15th victory in 15 games against Gaze who last took a set of Nadal in 2008.

The 15-time Grand Slam champion, who will return to the top of the world rankings on Monday, expects compatriot Albert Ramos-Vinholas in the quarter-finals dispute. Ramos-Vinholas won with 5: 7, 6: 4, 6: 4 over the number 16 Gilles Muller (Luxembourg) who eliminated Nadal in five sets at Wimbledon in July.

Seventh in the world rankings Alexander Zverev (Germany) dropped into the second round after defeating the 19-year-old host of the host Francis Tiafou 6: 4, 6: 3, 6: 4. Zverev, who was in a series of ten consecutive wins and won the title of the Masters tournament in Montreal on Sunday after a success over the Swiss legend Roger Federer, recovered an early breakout leverage and made a reversal in the first set.
In the second part, Tiafou pulled 3: 0 and retained his lead to equal the score. The German ruled the start of the crucial third part but the teenager immediately returned it and then retired to the tenth game to record the first victory over a top 10 tennis player in his career.

“I felt he was a little tired, but he was still fighting for every ball, it was very difficult, I’m glad to be successful, my strategy was to extend the game and keep it behind the line,” he said, In the world. He will meet his compatriot John Isner, number 14 in the scheme, who easily eliminates 6: 3, 6: 3 another American Tommy Paul, who has a “wild card”.


Ramos: Money moves football, everyone pays as much as possible

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos recovers from ear pain and will play tonight against Barcelona in Miami. “It is true that it is hard to believe that such a match will be part of the summer training. They have decided that the best should meet, it’s El-Classico’s ad. Naturally, this match will not be as demanding as such a match during the season, “said the Andalus defender at a press conference.

Asked about the possible arrival of Killian Mbappe, the defender said: “To talk about players who are not part of our team is a waste of time. He is a great footballer, but we are doing well. After all, money moves football. Everyone pays as much as he wants and as much as he can. Such solutions do not go through me. Every footballer who came is welcome. ”


It all starts with Wimbledon
Each Grand Slam tournament has its peculiarities, charm and a special place in the history of tennis. But it all starts with Wimbledon. With all its ceremonial, traditions and specific features, Wimbledon is a colossal sporting event, not only for its participants and viewers, but also in general. This is Britain’s oldest annual race race, and perhaps the world after Royal Ascot. The series of horse rides in mid-June, under the patronage of Her Majesty, Elizabeth II, boasts 300 years of history. Few things have changed to the mythical Central Court since its construction to this day, only the main actors who make up the history of aristocratic sport change.

The power ratio on the eve of the 131st edition of the Championship and the 50th in the Open Era guarantees many emotions, contested matches, and perhaps many surprises. However, it is good to recall that because of the specifics of grass cover, the story knows very little surprising champions, especially men. Just the real grass masters count on the toes and we all know who they are. Just like Roland Garros, the women’s tournament is set to be more unpredictable and more surprise. It is hardly surprising to say that at least eight or ten tennis players have a real chance to fight for the title. One of the things of great interest is the return of the court to Kvitova and Azarenka. Chen, a two-time All-England club champion, made good preparations for winning the Birmingham title and could not be seen as a favorite.

In men, I think the real contenders for the cup are no more than four. Federer declares that he has never been better prepared for the Championship, and the Maestro never talks empty stories. Most Swiss experts and supporters believed that the coveted 18th could only be won on Wimbledon, but Federer wrote the story in his own way, and now he will fight to improve his own record in the most prestigious ranking of all. Uncertainty reigns around the state of the world’s number one Murray, who was forced to reject his demonstrations in the days before Wimbledon’s start because of a thigh injury. It is clear to everyone that such a tournament can not be won if a player can not count on 100 percent of his body.

In fact, this is one of the questions that will be the first to answer because the tradition requires the champion to play on the first day of the Central Court. Of course, we will watch with interest the performance of those who took the titles in the preparatory tournaments, especially Feliciano Lopez – perhaps the only Spaniard who does not like the red courts. Another name is mentioned very often when talking about potential contenders – Marin Cilic. Croatia has the perfect game for this pavement, and we must not forget that only him, Wawrinka and Del Potro have managed to break the hegemony of the Big Four and to steal some other title from the helmet in the last decade.


Federer is in the second round in 42 minutes, new records for Roger

Earlier today, three times champion Novak Djokovic scored for Wimbledon‘s second round after just 40 minutes of play, the seven-time winner Roger Federer spent 2 minutes more on the court than the Serb. 35-year-old Swiss surpassed the first round after success with 6: 3, 3: 0 and giving up Alexander Dolpopolov. The Ukrainian had problems with the right ankle and called for a physiotherapist between the first and the second set. Dolpopolov decided he was not able to continue the match and gave up.

Federer will play in the second round with Dusan Lajovic (Serbia) or Stefanos Tsitsipas (Greece). The Master of Basel is a potential rival of Grigor Dimitrov at the 1/8-finals.

Federer made a breakthrough today in the first game of the game, and in 5: 3 he again won his opponent to put an end to the first. In the second set Federer made a new break for 2: 0, took his bid afterwards and the game ended.

Roger recorded a record 85th victory at Wimbledon and became the third tennis player with 10,000 aces in his career.

Meanwhile, the first round overtakes 20-year-old German talent Alexander Zverev, No. 10 in the scheme, beat Russia’s Evgeni Donskoy 6: 4, 7: 6 (3), 6: 3.


What is happening in China?
In a purely football aspect, we can now calmly ask this question. The majority of European championships are over, there is a big game on Saturday night, there are some barrages, bought and so. And in the Chinese Super League things are still getting hot – June and July will have no rest, will be played.

In fact, an identical question was set shortly: “Abe, what happened to Carlos Tevez?” The Argentinean new mega-star in the championship kicked off early in April and returned only last weekend to his Shanghai Shenghua match against Guangzhou. Whether because of his long absence or not, basing himself mainly on his extremely modest contribution so far to a team with a single goal, the one of the main favorites at the moment is the unenviable 10th place.

Without a victory nearly a month, after a dozen rounds, the lag behind the first is the drastic 16 points. Okay, is not the time for a new start? Tevez is already in line, Shanghai Shehua is pressed against the wall, and today is a clash with the neighbors in the Tianjin Tudah ranking.
Is it worth considering, given all the circumstances, that Gustavo Poyet will raise his players or will continue with hesitant games that may lead to his early release. The rumors of eventual attraction of John Terry to Shenhua have so far not seen any confirmation, but to wait for a comeback, he should hardly mislead that he would automatically shoot the team up.

The hosts also can not count much from the start of the season of their big star – John Obi Michel. They are two points back, too, have not felt the win for a long time. In fact, they have just two of the start of the race. Is it time for someone to record success or equality would further aggravate the state of Tianjin Tudah and Shanghai Shenhua?

Otherwise, once you turn heads to the east, to distant China, if you do not even have a lot of TV football this weekend, let’s know there will be another direct broadcast on Saturday. The same traditional start time – 14.35, again in the air of Mtel Sport 2.

Shandong Lunen and Tianjin Zhejiang are harder to get into the field unless they play with some of the favorites. There is now a brilliant chance of this being repaired, all the more so that with a significant front line in the standings, both teams deserve it.

The guests who drew at the last minute before the start CSKA’s former star, Juan Moraes, won two consecutive victories, which brought them to the 6th position. In fact, the ambitions of Fabio Cannavaro and his team are even greater. At least these were stated with the announcement of the attraction of the super-stars Alejandro Pato and Axel Watsel. They detract from the mentioned Tevez and Obi Mikel have played in each of the matches since the start of the season, Pato often penetrates. A third straight success would directly fit them at the foot of the top, which is already a prerequisite for an even wider expansion of appetite.

Shandong Lunon also entered the game after winning. Felix Magat’s team has shown a more and more successful game lately, and his fourth place is a guarantee that it is working properly. In German!

And so we talk: it’s time for us to enjoy what is happening in the Chinese Super League, to find out what we have missed in the past few weeks of the final European championship dramas. The interesting thing is yet to come!


Ramos: I sent a ticket to Pique for the final, but he did not answer me …
Real Madrid‘s captain Sergio Ramos believes the opponent of the “royal club” in the final of this year’s Champions League – Juventus is very similar to Atletico Madrid.

Real twice defeated the mats in the final of the award in the last 3 years.

“Are we the favorites? It’s hard for me to believe it. They have a great team and we have to be very careful. It will not be easy to confront Juventus, who have already eliminated great teams.

Is this our most difficult finish? No, they are all different with something. Juve and Atletico are two teams that are very similar.

I know Higuain very well. We have been in contact for several years. He knows that everything can happen on Saturday, but there will be maximum respect and no enmity, everyone will defend their team. He had a very good season and was in good shape. I will make sure he does not show it on Saturday.

For Danny Alves, I’ve always said he’s one of the best in the world. I have nothing to say to him, I do not want to be rude. Everyone has their opinion, but we have to be sportswomen and show respect especially in the final.

Paulo Diballa? He is fast, plays between the lines and can score.

Sammy Kedera? Many people thought he had finished, but he is still there, world champion is and is an important part of Juve.

About 20 of my friends and relatives will be in the Cardiff final. I sent a ticket to Pique, but he did not answer me … “Ramos said vaguely.


Rooney prefers China before returning to Everton
Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney would rather choose one of the many-million-dollar deals arriving from China instead of returning to his native Everton. The information is from the British daily Mirror.

Rooney: In England I will only play for United and Everton, I have offers

Many people expect Red Bull # 1 to finish his stay at the club this summer. 31-year-old Rooney put United’s team for the first time in 2004, since then has scored 253 goals in all the tournaments. His 198 hits in the Premier League make him the second best scorer in the history of the league, with the “ten” retreating only to legend Alan Shearer.

Everton has been tapping the soil for some time, but “caramels” would be disappointed. Rooney believes tempting offers from far China are worth more.

In recent months, United manager Jose Mourinho has just removed a veteran of his squad, who was also called with the call for the English national team. In this situation, he obviously realized that now he should think not as much as a footballer, but as a businessman.


Ajax and Manchester United face each other in a sad final

This evening at 19:45 the teams of Ajax and Manchester United will face each other at the Europa League final in Stockholm at the “Friends Arena”. It will be a sad final, which was marred by the Manchester terrorist attack. However, the two teams will try at least to glad their fans with a win in this game. Moreover, the bet is double. In addition to a new trophy in the showcase, he also has a right to participate in the Champions League next year, which is especially important for the “red devils” who have no other way to qualify for this tournament.

For Manchester United this is the first final in the tournament. The team has the chance to win this distinction for the first time in its history. Ajax, however, already has this trophy in his showcase after he triumphed in 1991-92, when the tournament was still called the UEFA Cup.

The English team has been in a very good series in the League of Europe lately. The team has no losses in their last 10 games (7 wins and 3 draws). Another big advantage of the “red devils” is that Jose Mourinho has won all his six Ajax matches so far. This happened while the Portuguese was at the head of Real Madrid. Otherwise, Ajax and Manchester United have exactly 4 matches in Europe so far, splitting two wins.

The Dutch Grand try to return to its glorious years of the past. It was the first European club final since 1996 when he lost Juventus to the Champions League clash. However, the team has a chance to be the first club to win all UEFA tournaments in all their formats today. So far, he has won 3 honors in UEFA Cup and 1 in the Champions League, as well as 1 UEFA Cup and 1 CNA.

Both teams have their staff problems, much more serious for the English. United can not count on this match of injured Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Luke Shaw, Markos Rohho and Ashley Young. Eric Baiy is punished for the red card he received in the 1/2 final with Celta. Marwan Felaini and Chris Smilling have resumed training, but their involvement will ultimately be questioned.

There will be only two main figures in Ajax. Nick Virger is punished for this match, and Dillie Sinkreven has recently healed a trauma, and although he has resumed training, he is not yet ready to play.


Ramos: Atletico thinks we’ve grown up in Beverly Hills

Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos commented in his style of the upcoming semi-final of the Champions League match against Atletico Madrid. As is well known, the European champion won a 3-0 first match when a hat-trick marked Cristiano Ronaldo.

“Atletico thinks we are all here from Beverly Hills, but it’s not like that, there are also players who have grown up in the street, boys with their moral values, and we have to focus on what’s happening on the pitch. Players against 11 players and one judge will lead the meeting We will see what will happen on the pitch but everything else, the campaigns, the tweets, everything people say is respectful because we respect everyone, but that will not change Nothing, we will stick to our values, we will sacrifice on And that will allow us to win or not We will see who will play better The fans of Bayern (Munich) have nothing to envy at Atletico’s We have no fear of anyone I really love to play at Vincent Calderon. “We are going to do what we can best, to play football and also to win.Our club has a great story.We have won the two Champions League final with Atletico does not mean anything.Today it will not be easy “Said Ramos, who also spoke about his coach Zinedine Zidane.
“It is obvious that he achieves great statistics and results, things that almost nobody has achieved and should be appreciated.The players are very happy with the way the coach is commanding the ship and the results are not accidental because he does a perfect job” , Said Ramos.


Wenger: We could not afford to lose this game

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger was totally pleased after a 2-0 win over Manchester United. He said his players were not allowed to make a mistake in this match, so he is happy with the three points he won.

“We started the game nervously and under pressure, but gradually we improved our performance and in the second part we controlled the events on the field The first goal fell a little by accident but the second was done in a great way by the team I am happy for Danny because every striker wants to score “It was important for his self-confidence, but we had to react after the loss of Tottenham, we could not afford to go wrong again.” The match was quite natural, but we were more stable, “Wenger says.

Milan is not interested in the Mora

Milan has no interest in Real Madrid’s striker Alvaro Morata, as information has emerged in recent days. This was revealed personally by Rossoniers’ director Massimiliano Mirabelli before the night of the night with Roma.

“We have a young team, and we have several players to go back to the team, and we know we need some new players to raise the class, and when the transfer window opens, we’ll react appropriately. We know that this is a great responsibility, because in the following years Milan should not be in the position it is now in. I was in Madrid to watch a match and not for the Morata, he does not interest Milan, “revealed Mirabello .


Zidane: It’s hard to explain to Isko why he does not play every game

Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane has been cross-referenced for Isco at today’s press conference before the Valencia match. “It’s hard to get into the position of Iskos because I was always or almost always on the field as a footballer I find it difficult to explain why Iosco does not play every game I try to talk to the players I will not go to talk to the players Tomorrow we have a match, and we have a game tonight, and Isko is ambitious and has the coach’s confidence, “Zuzu said.

“Many parameters are in progress when I decide how to rotate the team, how the player feels, how the rival plays … I have a lot of extras, I have an extraterrestrial squad, the players realize this, they also realize we play for the Primer and the Champions League,” he admitted . “Cristiano has always played like a wing, sometimes with a central striker, but he has scored 400 goals as a wing, why change his position,” Zidane said.


Arsenal is not willing to sell Olivier Girush, who, according to Sky Sports, was asked by Olympics Marseille. This was explained by manager Arsene Wenger. “They have not contacted Marseilles and we want to keep Girus,” said the French specialist.

Just a few months ago, the 30-year-old striker already signed a new contract with the club by 2020. It is said that Olympic could pay ? 20m.

And while there is a clear stance on Girush, it is not so much about Wenger’s future. His contract expires at the end of the season and nothing has been decided yet. “I’m working on the possible transfers, of course, the coach said,” I will work for the future of the club until my last day here. “The transfer goals are related to Arsenal’s future and are important, and what will happen to me is of secondary importance The club is more important. ”

Tomorrow the “balls” take Lester in a championship match. Arsenal is seventh in the standings while the champions are 15th.


Grigor Dimitrov did not delight his fans with a strong performance at the Masters Series in Monte Carlo and dropped in the second round after 6: 4, 3: 6, 2: 6 from 58th in the world rankings Jan-Lenard Struf.

The German qualifier managed to successfully break the back of the hasslekback, which only placed two good ones, and otherwise was infinitely inconclusive and ineffective with it.

The service was also not Dimitrov’s familiar heavy weapon, which did not impress with any of its usual components in the arsenal.

Thus, Grigor continued the decline in his results after the start of the year, both titles in Brisbane and Sofia, as well as the Australian Open semi-final. The followers of the Masters in Indian Wells, Miami and now in Monte Carlo have won a single win, while in Rotterdam they dropped to a quarter-finals while their debut in Marrakech was also beaten at the beginning.

His fourth consecutive loss deprived him of the opportunity to break into the top 10 after former Jo-Wilfred Tsonga was eliminated. Grigor was not able to wipe the 25 points away from the Frenchman and will wait for a match in the men’s tennis elite.

Stuff will face Diego Schwartzman, who earlier this day defeats Alberto Bautista-Agut.

Grigor started the meeting in the best way – a breakthrough after Stuff could not count on his first serve, and although he saved the first break-bolt, he then gave up his first run. However, the Bulgarian had problems from his initial kick and gave a double error to Stroff’s rebellion point, having previously made a duchess with backhand on the net. Grigor’s service, however, worked in the important moments and with his help the break was confirmed – 2: 0. The German, however, was relentless when he entered the next game and opened his account in the match – 2: 1.

Dimitrov did not control the scoring of the main line and also scored the short balls in his arsenal in the match, so it was not difficult to lead 3: 1 again convincingly. Stuff continued to serve in Grigor’s body, making it difficult for him to make his touches, and with his first ace in the game he got closer to just one game in the score – 3: 2. Haskovliya fell to a small defeat at 15-30, but with very powerful and well-placed servers, he managed to regain the key advantage in the set – 4: 2. Strouff responded appropriately by concentrating his strikes on Grigor’s backhand and again, this method brought him success – 4: 3.

The Bulgarian for the first time in the game demonstrated more serious fluctuations from an initial kick and even gave two points to break his opponent. However, as he often did in the indoor courts season, Grigor provided his best serve exactly in tense moments and managed to turn in to lead 5: 3. In the end, after 40 minutes on Dimitrov’s court, rather with the class than with something special in his game, he led in 6: 4.

Grigor was still not particularly aggressive when he met, and he did not even get close to a break point, while Stephus maintained a good level of security at his serve – 0: 1. For the first time, Haskovlia made a play with a knockout and was more than convincing, again raising the difficulty of his hand at a time when he was 15-30 behind and then 1: 1.

Struff took his serve-game without much sweat, and then after three consecutive mistakes Grigor Dimitrov arrived at successive breakpoints. The next forehand in the outs of the Bulgarian led to the worst possible scenario – 1: 3. Grigor led with 30-0 in the subsequent game, but Stuff kept his hand to pull even more significantly in the score with 1: 4. The German’s good sequence from his initial strike continued and the Khaszkles could not even think of a breakthrough – 2: 5. Although he was in the ninth game, Grigor had to bow to the German qualifier – 3: 6.

Dimitrov started confidently and did not give a point to his opponent when he was first placed in the third set – 1: 0. The Bulgarian man played the game for a match up to three (three) for the first time since he started the game at the very start of the match, but even this did not allow him to break through, because Strouf was saved by powerful servers and high bouncing forehands – 1: 1 .

And when Grigor was handed over, he eventually moved to duos, but he raised the rank of his serve and returned the minimal advance in the score of 2: 1. The tendency for the servant to have problems with his submissions continued, but a sharp slit on the diagonal of Dimitrov stopped in the net and led to a new leveling.

Grifford’s “Hooddog” at the wrong time led to a chance for a breakthrough to Stroff after the Heskland had not offered a good enough serve. Further backhand mistakes did not help world number 11 as he escaped from a break with an ace, and a bit later made a double mistake to reinforce the impression that he was not experiencing a particularly successful day on the court. His fifth double defeat led to a third chance for a breakthrough to Strou and he already took advantage of him – 2: 3. The German did not shake in the next game, even at 30-30, which was even closer to the 2: 4 victory.

Dimitrov collapsed completely and almost without resistance and gave his next serve game, eventually retreating 2: 6 and dropped to the very beginning in Monte Carlo.


Grigor Dimitrov to 25 points from returning to the Top 10

Grigor Dimitrov climbed one place in the world rankings and is currently 11th with an asset of 2880 points. Despite being eliminated in the first round of Marrakech, Morocco, the best Bulgarian tennis player outpaced Gael Monfis, who dropped five places. The 25-year-old Bulgarian is only 25 points from the 10th in the world Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and with a good performance in Monte Carlo this week he can return to the top 10. Last year Grigor dropped into the second round of the first Clay Masters Season.

At the top of the rankings there are no changes. Andy continues to lead, followed by Novak Djokovic, Stan Wawrinka and Roger Federer. The Japanese Kay Nishikori climbs two places and is now fifth. Raphael Nadal drops two positions to seventh place in the world.


Ernesto Escobedo eliminates Houston’s second-ever John Isner

Ernesto Escobedo of the United States surprisingly eliminated the second in the circuit John Isner at the Red Court Tennis Championship in Houston.

Eskoddo 20-year-old won a 7: 6 (6), 6: 7 (6), 7: 6 (5) fight for the first time in a career in the ATP semi-finals.

In a dispute over a place in the final, Escobedo will meet Brazilian Tomas Bellucci, who defeated the third in the US Sam Quouri from 6: 4, 3: 6, 6: 3.

The fourth placed Steve Johnson (USA) defeated 6: 2, 6: 4 in the last 5th session of Fernando Verdasco (Spain). In the semifinals, Johnson will meet the driver Jack Sok, who in the last quarterfinal defeated Feliciano Lopez (Spain) with 7: 6 (6), 1: 6, 6: 4

Grigor Dimitrov goes out against Djokovic today

Grigor Dimitrov will participate in a charity show before the start of Masters in Monte Carlo. The hosts organized the event and invited Bulgarians along with Novak Djokovic, Marin Cilic, David Goffen and other tennis stars.

The charity match will be held at the Central Court immediately after the first match of qualifying today. After that, the program of sifting continues.

Grigor Dimitrov starts his participation in the Second Round Masters.


Del Potro declared participation in Queens
Argentinian tennis player Juan Martin Del Potro will take part in the Queens Club Lawn Championship in London, which will take place from 19 to 25 June. This will be the fifth participation for Del Potro in the race.

His best achievement at the Queens Club is reaching the quarterfinals in 2013. In the past year he was eliminated in the first round by the American John Isner.

I am very happy to be again part of the Queens Club. This is a great tournament, a special and traditional moment in the ATP calendar. An excellent place to play, a place where fans have always been good to me, “says Del Potro, 28, quoted by LTA.

The race in London has already confirmed our first racer Grigor Dimitrov, who won the trophy in 2014. Besides, the World Tournament will include world names Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, Rafa Nadal, Milos Raconic and Nick Kirios


PSG chase continues with Monaco after 4 goals in one half
Paris St Germain scored four goals after the break and defeated visiting Gingan 4: 0 in a match of the 32nd round of the French championship. With their fifth straight victory champions gathered 71 points is his back to second place three points behind leaders Monaco. Nice is third with 70 points and a game more.

Sofia residents claimed to have possession of the ball and had territorial dominance, but rival defended solidly and rarely allowed hazards in front of Karl Jonsson and while kontaatakuvashe whenever possible. In the 37th minute the hosts reached one of his few good points before the break. Angel Di Maria gave shines Matyuidi left in penal and French national search for a nearby post, but Jonsson outstretched arm and tipped over for a corner.

Reserve Aleksandar Mendi missed an excellent opportunity for the visitors shortly after the break and in the 56th minute the hosts taking the lead. Matyuidi intercept a pass of Christoph Kerbra in midfield and this allowed Edinson Cavani to get out on the left wing. Uruguayan a great pass over to Di Maria, who entered the penalty area and technically flipped the ball over the outstretched hands of Vratarya Yonson.
Four minutes later, PSG disguise the match with a second goal. In the middle Adrienne Rabin handed left to Cavani, who entered the box before nutmegging Kerbra then getting on the diagonal again overcame Jonsson 2: 0. Fast hits like crushed the visitors in the 70th minute Cavani making classic after an assist on Di Maria with 29th goal of the season in Ligue 1. In stoppage time celebrate 30th birthday Matyuidi rose close low cross from Lucas Moura from right and scored the fourth goal to form the final 4: 0.

Gingan record 11th straight game without success as the guest in Ligue 1 and occupies the tenth position with 41 points.


Serbia beat Spain Davis Cup

The champion of 2010 Serbia qualified for the semifinals of the Cup “Davis” unofficial world team tennis tournament for men.

Graduates of the playing captain Nenad Zimonjic took irresistible advance of 3: 0 win against the Iberians of the match in Belgrade.

The hosts ensured victory after today’s game of pairs in which Zimonjic and Viktor Troicki won over Mark Lopez and Pablo Karenyo boost with 4: 6, 7: 6 (4), 6: 0, 4: 6, 6: 2.

Serbs were led by the star of world tennis Novak Djokovic, while the Spaniards could not rely on two of their best players Rafael Nadal and Roberto Bautista agouti.

The semifinals of the boys Zimonjic will visit in mid-September in France, which on Saturday during the day round the UK after lead 3: 0 win in Rouen
Kerber against triple champion in the finals in Monterey
The first rocket in the world Angelique Kerber beat Carla Suarez Navarro in straight sets 7-6 (8-6) 6-1 and qualified for the final of the tournament on hard courts in the Mexican city of Monterrey.

In dispute for the title Kerber will face triple champion in Monterey Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova, and this will be repeated in the finals of 2013 in which to get the Russian victory. 16th in the world Pavlyuchenkova in the other semifinal round Karolin Garsiya of France 6-2, 6-4.

“This is a new season and not think about my last final here,” said Kerber at the press conference after the match. “The loss happened three years ago, so everything is possible. I’ll try to play my best tennis and win the race.”

Kerber leads in direct duels with Pavlyuchenkova with 5-3


With minimal effort in the season on clay Grigor can break into top 10

Grigor Dimitrov is 12th in the world ranking in men’s tennis before the start of the season on clay, which can be a key to the progress of the Bulgarians in the top 10.

The reason for optimism is that Grisham has to defend far fewer points in tournaments on clay courts than those on 11th and 10th place in the ATP Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Currently, the asset of Dimitrov 2880 and Monfils is 3010, while Tsonga is 3265 and even publicly announced that tennis for him will be in the background now after the birth of his first son.

Grigor Dimitrov in tournaments on clay in 2016:

“Masters” in Monte Carlo: Loss in the second round by Zhil Simon – 45 points for defending

ATR250 Istanbul: Loss of finish from Diego Schwartzman – 150 points

“Masters” in Madrid: Loss in the first round of Pablo Karenyo Busto – 10 points

“Masters” in Rome: Loss in the first round of Alexander Zverev – 10 points

“Roland Garros”: Loss in the first round of Viktor Troicki – 10 points

Total points for protection – 225

Gael Monfils

“Masters” Monte Carlo: Loss of finish of Rafael Nadal – 600 points to protect

“Masters” in Madrid: Loss in the second round of Pablo Cuevas – 45 points

“Masters” in Rome: Loss in the first round by Thomas Bellucci – 10 points

Total points for defending 655

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga

“Masters” in Monte Carlo: Loss in the semifinals of Monfils – 360 points

“Masters” in Madrid: Loss of second round of Milos Raonic – 90 points

“Roland Garros”: Loss in the third round by Ernests Gulbis – 90 points

Total points for defending: 540


Nole feels refreshed after not playing a tournament in Miami
Former world No 1 Novak Djokovic said that his non-participation in the tournament series “Masters” in Miami last week he was good and he feels refreshed.

At the end of this week before Djokovic sits task to help Serbia overcome Spain in the quarterfinals Cup “Davis.”

“Of course I wanted to be on the court in Miami to defend his title, but just couldnt. At the same time break my act quite refreshing, because rest and spend time with my wife and my son here. Rarely me going to be able to spend as much time with my family and it made me very happy, “said Djokovic.

He added that his back and elbow, which caused him problems in recent times are good and ready to help Serbia to qualify for the semifinals.

“Cup” Davis “is a special event because it manages to create an atmosphere as usually lacking in other tournaments of the Tour,” added 12-time winner of Grand Slam titles.


Rafa and Roger exchanged compliments after another duel
Miami finalist Rafael Nadal congratulated the new champion Roger Federer‘s success and said he was generally pleased with the performance of the tournament series “Masters” in Florida. “First, congratulations to Roger and his team – an incredible start to the season. I think this is one of the best comebacks in rounds after a long absence through injury history, so – well done! I’m very happy for you,” turned Nadal to Federer during the award ceremony. “These were two very good weeks for me, although for the third time this year lost to Roger. The beginning of the season is good for me already played three finals,” said another Rafa, as a smile admitted he was disappointed to every three years to play in the finals in Miami and every time it loses.

The champion Federer also congratulated his opponent and said: “I am happy that you and I are here now. I enjoy the games with you, it all started right here in 2004 when I was a little boy who has become a big and strong man . With you we’ve had some epic matches over the years, not all of which I enjoyed, but we had great battles over the years … you’re too good not to win this tournament – all the best in the coming years, “turned with a smile Nadal to Federer. “For me, the dream continues … what a start to the year, I can not believe it. I thank everyone who supported me this week, this year and during the more difficult moments for me in 2016,” said Federer.

Grigor Dimitrov took another step towards top 10

Grigor Dimitrov took another step to return to the top 10. Although eliminated early in the tournament series “Masters” in Miami, the best Bulgarian tennis player progresses one place in the ranking of ATP and today is №12 with a total of 2880 points. He shifted from this position Belgian David Goffin and 11 and Gael Monfils (France), whose advance before Grigor is only 130 points. 10th place else is 385 points and is occupied by another Frenchman – Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The second missile Bulgaria Alexander Lazov keep positions and №353 with a total of 132 points. Dimityr Kouzmanov climbed by 13 positions and is currently 292nd by 73 points, Alexander Lazarov №590 (+1) by 51 points, and Vasko Mladenov №921 (+4) with 14 points.
No. 1 remains Andi Mari (Britain) with 11960 points, followed by Novak Djokovic (Serbia) with 7915 points and Stan Wawrinka (Switzerland) with 5785 points.

Miami champion Rodzhar Federer (Switzerland) jump two places to 4th with a total of 5305 points and finalist Rafael Nadal (Spain) progresses from 7th to 5th place with 4735 points.


Time for a dream final

Two of the largest in the history of men’s tennis – Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, will delight fans with yet another clash with each other. The two will meet for the 37 th time and third in 2017, this is their second direct dispute trophy this season. The Swiss and the Spaniard will compete in a battle for the trophy of the “Masters”  Miami that Roger has won twice and Raphael – not once.

35-year-old Federer will try to record a fourth consecutive victory against 30-year-old left-hander from Manacor. Federer beat Nadal in an epic duel petsetov the final of the Australian Open this year to grab their record 18th title of “Grand Slam“. Most recently Roger beat Rafa and eighth-finals at Indian Wells, where Federer triumphed again with the trophy. Now the two will battle for the title in Miami – where they first faced each other – in seemingly already distant 2004. 17-year-old at the time Nadal shocked then occupied the first place in the world rankings, Federer 6: 3, 6: 3. The following year they played a breathtaking match of the finals in Miami and this time Federer managed to break his Spanish rival.

Nadal continues to be a serious advantage in their direct duels with Federer. The Spaniard has 23 wins and 13 losses against the Swiss. On hard courts two titans are exchanged at 9 wins so far.

Nadal triumph will mean №29 title of the category “Masters” for Rafa. Record is Serbian Novak Djokovic 30 and Federer is third on this list with 25.


All the most important before the final ladies in Miami

Johanna Conta and Caroline Wozniacki face each other in the finals of the tennis tournament of the highest category of WTA Premium Mandatory in Miami from 21 hours on Saturday.

Britain, which is placed eleventh in California, will return to the top 10 world rankings next week, while success in the finals will take his career record in seventh place (otherwise it will be nine).

Wozniacki did so far progress has secured two places to 12th and the title will hit it in eighth place at the expense of Svetlana Kuztsenova.

For Conta breakthrough in the top 10 is a serious but expected achievement because since the beginning of 2016 and so far it has 9 wins in 15 games against the opponent in the first ten. Also its march to the finals went through dramatic successes over the fifth in the world Simona Halep and 12th Vinas Uilyams.

Conta can be considered the favorite against Wozniacki, if taking into account their previous duel in 2017, and when the third round of the Australian Open Briton was winnner – 6: 3, 6: 1 for 67 minutes.
Dane but rather raised the level of January so far and Miami will play his third final of the year after losing their previous two Carolina Plishkova in Doha and Elina Svitolina in Dubai.

According to most experts Wozniacki has the potential to bring at least the top of the world rankings and started to unfold again in 2017 and, while Conta already built and solidified his reputation as a “killer of giants.”


It is time to show the semifinals in Miami

After a month of exciting tennis in American courts of Indian Wells and Miami, the end of this stage of the season is on the horizon. Before this, it’s time to see the final phase of the Masters in Miami.

Tonight is about to play the two semifinals in men and four players are aspiring to reach the final. Rodzhar Federer and Rafael Nadal are just one victory from being met each other for the third time this season and a total of 37-and perhaps the greatest rivalry in the game. Against them, however, will face Nick Kirios and Fabio Fognini, who will try to become the first players from their countries reach the finals in the 33-year history of the tournament. Moreover, Australian and Italian will struggle to reach their first final in Masters races.

The first match in this program between Nadal and Fognini
Nadal seems logical as the big favorite in the clash against surprising name in the top 4. Fognini’s second semi-final of the Masters tournament and the matches against the Spaniard has 3 wins and 7 losses, including a defeat 2: 6, 2: 6 namely in Miami in 2014.

Matador else is in search of their fifth final in Miami – one of the few Masters tournaments not won a trophy.

On his way there, Nadal beat Dudi Sela, Filip Kolshrayber, Nicolas Mayu and Jack Juice losing a set – 0: 6 against Kohlschreiber in his game №1000 in ATP tour.

Fognini did became the first unseeded semifinalist in Miami since 2007 when qualifier Guillermo Kanyas reached the final. Unpredictable Italian showed great desire and consistent game in Miami and, when concentrated, can beat anyone. In Miami he already went through Ryan Harrison, Joao Sousa, Zheremi Shardi Donald Young and №4 world’s Kei Nishikori.

In the match of the evening session experiencer second youth Rodzhar Federer will face the playing unbelievable tennis lately Nick Kirios.

This will be the second clash between the two in the first on clay in Madrid in May 2015, Kirios saved two match points and reached success after 6: 7 (2), 7: 6 (5) 7: 6 (12). They had to argue and the semifinals at Indian Wells, but then the youngster did not come to court because of food poisoning.

Both had very heavy tasks in the quarterfinals as Federer saved two match points to 6: 2, 3: 6, 7: 6 (6) over Tomas Berdych, while Kirios deal with Alexander Zverev – 6: 4, 6: 7 (9) 6: 3.

Previously Kirios beat Damir Cumhur, Ivo Karlovic and David Goffin, while Federer was perfect in the tricky matches against Francis Tiafo, Juan Martin Del Potro and Roberto Bautista-agouti.

Maestro won in Miami in 2005 and 2006 and in the fight against Kirios will enter a series of nine consecutive victories and a total record of 17: 1 this season, his best start since 2006.

Federer is stupendous in 2017 to the delight of all fans of tennis. With current tennis However Kirios looks like a future №1 and has all the weapons to embitter the lives of Swiss and to inflict a second loss this year. Whether it will succeed remains to be seen!


Federer and Nadal are quarter-finalists in Miami
Roberto Bautista agouti difficult Rodzhar Federer, but failed to stop the Swiss maestro on the way to the quarter-finals of the tournament series “Masters” in Miami. The winner of 18 Grand Slam titles he won by 7:6 (5) 7:6 (4) and the next round will face Tomas Berdych.

Bautista agouti demonstrated nerves on my first standing in line for service and saved three break points. The Spaniard was fully equivalent to the former world No 1 and 4: 4 was able to get its filing. The first chance was wasted, but not the second. Roger answers and championship lead with 0:40 in the next game, which ended with a double fault on Bautista agouti. In the tiebreak Roger made miniprobiv for 4:3 and the end dropped the initiative.

Marathon first game at the start of the second set brought a breakthrough in favor of Federer, but he failed to strengthen it. They were very convincing in serving and logically led to another tiebreak. This time, Federer lead with 6:2, lost the next two points, but third choice ended the game.

For quarter-finals rank and Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard, who a few days ago №1000 record victory of his career, eliminates Nicolas Mayu 6:4, 7: 6 (4). The Frenchman approaches quite boldly and looking for a quick payoff in their play. He held back his submissions to 4:4, but in the ninth game lack of first serve brought him problems. Nadal sensed time placed a few deep strokes and get to the desired breakthrough, then easily close the set in his favor.

55 th in the world Mayu not surrender. The Frenchman often out of the network and this tactic proved successful because he did not give break points of their opponents and reached the tiebreak. It league Nadal said his word. The Spaniard missed a match point, but the second had no mercy. At quarter-finals matador will meet Jack Sock.


Federer Express has returned!

The long-awaited match of 1/16 finals of the tournament “Masters” in Miami between Roger Federer and Juan Martin Del Potro did not meet expectations for a fierce battle on the court.

The Swiss maestro defeated with ease Argentine rival with 6: 3, 6: 4 in the 21st duel each other and ranked eighth-finals in their first appearance in Miami after two years break. 90 minutes came to the world number six to end the involvement of the runner at the Olympics in Rio.

Federer moved on the court as “young deer” in the words of the Swiss ‘Blick’ and nothing looked like it was 35 years ago. Del Potro did was a pale shadow of the man who kept Federer four hours and 26 minutes on court in the semifinal match of the Olympic Games in London 2012.

In the next round Federer’s opponent will be Spaniard Roberto Bautista agouti, which occupies 18th place in the world rankings. Agouti turned American Sam Querrey and won with 3: 6, 6: 2, 6: 3, and managed to break five times your opponent.


Djokovic with the weakest season of seven years

Novak Djokovic dropped leadership in world tennis rankings at the end of 2016 and the beginning of this presents significantly less than expected.

Nole has 11 wins and three defeats so far in 2017-a (one of the successes over Daniel Medvedev’s Cup “Davis”) and has won only one trophy – the one in Doha, which was sweet, because in the finale was defeated Andy Murray.

Joker however fail in the Australian Open and Indian Wells, then declined due to injury by “Masters” -a Miami.

Statistics show that only in 2010 was the last event that Djokovic has only one title in the first three months of the year, then triumphed in Dubai and had 16 wins and 4 losses.
Otherwise fewer wins, regardless of titles, Nole had only in 2006, when the ratio is 5-5.

Novak Djokovic over the years (to end March)

2005: A 0-1 win / loss
2006: 5-5
2007: 24: 5 (two titles: Adelaide and Miami)
2008: 17: 4 (two titles: Australian Open and Indian Wells)
2009: 22-8 (a title: Dubai)
2010: 16-4 (a title: Dubai)
2011: 24-0 (four titles: Australian Open, Dubai, Indian Wells and Miami)
2012: 20-2 (two titles: Australian Open and Miami)
2013: 19-2 (two titles: Australian Open and Dubai)
2014: 17-2 (two titles: Indian Wells and Miami)
2015: 25-2 (three titles: Australian Open, Indian Wells and Miami)
2016: 28-1 (four titles: Doha, Australian Open, Indian Wells and Miami)
2017: 11-3 (one title: Doha)


Podolski: It all ended like a movie

Lukas Podolski ended 13 years in the national team of Germany with phenomenal goal against England in a friendly match.

“It’s over like in the movies. I notch and beat Germany 1:0”, said after the meeting Poldi. “I know that I have a left foot, which is my gift from God, or someone up there, and I can always count on him. I am proud of the achievements of these 13 years.”

“The atmosphere in the stadium showing what my relationship with the people of Cologne. There were at least 30,000 people from Cologne Stadium. Goosebumps. So you know where your house and when you play well and you perform well and off the pitch. It makes me proud, “said Podolski.

31-year-old played 130 games with the national team.


Agassi: I hated tennis even when I was on top!

The great Andre Agassi revealed that he hated tennis even when he was on top of the world rankings and if you could go back, he would have ended his career early.

“The saddest thing in my career was that my real downfall began when I was on top. Even then, I hated tennis, I did not feel full, I was constantly nervous. This is my real tragedy.
I thought that I’m the best me connect more with the sport, but it was not. I hated what the results are not showing, but they showed only if I won the game or not.

I’m tempted to start dancing again, while watching the finals of Federer with Nadal, even their wonder how continue to cause this? If I could turn back time, would rather cancel his career even earlier, “said Agassi in an interview with” The Guardian. ”

“The Curse” of Miami , or title that has eluded Nadal

Rafael Nadal won almost all the major titles in his career as a special eluded him always, even four finals – that of “Masters” -a Miami.

To this we can add and tennis tournaments of the highest category of ATP in Shanghai and Paris. Actually, Nadal has good memories of the hard courts in Florida, but has never lifted the trophy.
It was in Miami began his great rivalry with Rodzhar Federer in 2004 and especially his first win over the maestro, and when it was still 17!

A year later matador took Federer in the finals in Miami, but victory eluded him, and the same happened in 2008 when she was super favorite against Nikolay Davydenko but lost shocking.

The first of two final with Novak Djokovic (2011 and 2013) was even lost a tiebreak in the final set …
Nadal colleagues from the “Big Four” have their “curses” and is one of the titles eludes them to achieve the “Golden Career Masters“, which represents triumphs in all events of the most prestigious chain of ATP.

Djokovic – missing his only success in Cincinnati

Murray – Indian Wells, Monte Carlo, Rome and Paris

Federer – Monte Carlo and Rome

Nadal – Miami, Shanghai and Paris


Wawrinka is already a favorite among “victims” Federer

Roger Federer won the second strongest tennis tournament from the beginning of 2017, having won the “Masters” -a Indian Wells. Federer is now the oldest champion in this category (ATR1000) after having claimed the title at 35 years and 7 months, and the former leader in makeshift ranking in this indicator is Andre Agassi. American in 2004 and won in Cincinnati 34 years and 3 months, and the third in this arrangement Ivan Ljubicic – the current coach of Federer – who triumphed in Indian Wells to 31 years in 2010.

Federer is the oldest ‘Masters’ champion
Wawrinka now has 20 goals defeats by Federer, although at the moment is the first real rocket of Switzerland, being third in the world rankings, while Maestro only now climbed to sixth position.

Stan is the third player who has 20 or more losses after Federer Andy Roddick (21) and Novak Djokovic (22). Wawrinka also suffered defeat in all 15 duel with FedEkspres hardwood flooring, but otherwise has only three wins over the older Swiss.
Against the so-called. “Big Four” Federer has a positive balance only against the current world number one Andy Murray – 14:11. With Djokovic rivalry is pretty flush – 21:23 and Rafael Nadal is the most disadvantaged – 13:23. In Indian Wells, however, Federer defeated Matador strongly with 6: 2, 6: 3 and reached third straight win over the Spaniard for the first time in his career.


New great triumph for Federer

Roger Federer is the new champion of the tournament series “Masters” in Indian Wells. After the triumph of the Australian Open earlier this year, 35-year-old Swiss grabbed today new large and prestigious trophy. The final winner of a record 18 titles of “Grand Slam” beat his compatriot and friend Stan Wawrinka of Switzerland with 6: 4, 7: 5, recording the 20th victory against world №3 23 th match between the two. Placed under №9 Federer remained unbeaten against Wawrinka hardwood flooring: 15-0 victories.

The game in the first set went fast, each serving won without much difficulty his service games. The first point is to break gave Federer in the tenth game at 30:40. So breykpoynt that was the price of setbol, ??it was once one of the points before the first serve of Wawrinka was given out, although the ball was caught fraction of the line. In setbola Federer played point patiently and wait for error Wawrinka – 6: 4.

The second set started perfectly for the 31-year-old Wawrinka – a break in the first game. The server Federer lost to 00:40, but managed to neutralize the first two break points. In the third Roger spent the ball out of backhand and Stan samples. Immediately after that affect Wawrinka two break points deducted and filing for an advance of 2: 0. In the fourth game, Federer managed to break 15, winning great move at 15:40. In the next game, Roger had problems with its initial shock, and allowed a double fault, but came at 15:30 and was first lead in the second half – 3: 2.

In the next minute breakthrough was no way to 6: 5 for Federer when on-line service stood Wawrinka. Backhand into the net on match point Stan brought Roger and veteran realize it to add another valuable prize in prebogatata collection.

For Federer it is the fifth title in Indian Wells and overall 90th in his career. Federer became the oldest champion in the history of this race and grabbed trophy №25 series “Masters”. More titles from this category by him have only two players – Novak Djokovic (30) and Rafael Nadal (28). Federer has still lost 48 finals singles.

Wawrinka remains the 15 titles today suffered a 11th defeat in the final. The only trophy Stan the category “Masters” is on clay in Monte Carlo in 2014 when defeated Federer in the final.

With today’s success Federer made a gift of his coach Ivan Ljubicic. Former Croatian tennis player, champion at Indian Wells in 2010, on March 19 had a birthday. Ljubicic, who looked Live triumph Federer turns 38 years.


Incredible Kiryos ,Djokovic stopped again
Australian unwavering admiration with his game and that maintaining a high level of performance from the first to the last point
Nick Kiryos record a second consecutive victory over world №2 Novak Djokovic. Once once stopped him in Acapulco, now Australian prevailed 6-4 7-6 (3), and a Masters in Indian Wells. The winner admire a staunch game and that maintaining a high level of performance from the first to the last point.
Another tunnel was obvious that they have a completely different approach to the game. Djokovic made short sprints, warming up and seemed eager to get out on the court, while his opponent calmly and patiently waited the time comes.
16th in the world began with a flying start, he came to breykbol in the opening game and it materialized, then confidently consolidate – 2-0. Accurate servings of Australian helped him lead 40-15 in the fourth part, and Gameboy Nole fresh forehand that fell on the wrong side of the main line – 3-1.
In the next part tangled Serb again away from the right path, having reached the Gameboy excellent stop volley, but frustrating game 40-30 forehand wide. Finally, however, provide a service game and again trailing only breakthrough.
In the seventh game Kiryos again showed the mood to play and record attractive “hotshot” after realized point, performing a drop shot to rebound. And reached a new breykbol then, but Djokovic retained and turned fortunes to finish with excellent attack over the net – 3-4.
Australian But playing without fear, without hesitation and with great confidence. At 5-4 he served for the set and deservedly took him.


Wawrinka won against Team and for the first time in the semifinals Undian Wales

Swiss Stan Wawrinka reached his first semifinal of tennis tournament series “Masters” in Indian Wells with a prize of 7.9 million dollars. 3 seeded Wawrinka beat eighth seeded Dominik Team (Austria), 6: 4, 4: 6, 7: 6 (2), after little more than two and a half hours on court.

Federer made a breakthrough in the first game of the match, but immediately put it back, and in the tenth game again broke to win the first set. The second part of Team again early lead with 3: 1, but this time keep the lead and tied the game. In the decisive third set, Wawrinka squandered an advance of 3: 0, but in the ensuing tiebreak was solid with five consecutive rallies after 2: 2 points reached the final victory.

“Served well in the tiebreak and that was the key to victory. It was a great match. We both played aggressive and aggressive tennis,” said Wawrinka, who is an active champion of the US Open.

“I think we showed a good level and I am happy that I reached her first semifinal here. I tried to dictate the points, to dominate and attack whenever possible. It is a very good player and he is now playing hard. I am pleased that I found a way to win, “he added.

The next opponent of Federer will be number 21 seeded Pablo Karenyo Busto (Spain), who saved two match points and eliminated Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas 6: 1, 3: 6, 7: 6 (4) to reach the first semifinal tournament series “Masters”.

“The feeling is great for my first semifinal of” Masters. “This is one of the strongest tournaments and maybe one of the worst, because here playing all the best. The result is great for me,” said 25 year-old Spaniard, who reflect a match point in the 10th and in the 12th game of the third set in its own service.


Rafa Nadal admitted the superiority of the Maestro

Rafael Nadal was very close to victory against Roger Federer in the final of the Australian Open in January, when he led with 3: 1 games in the decisive fifth set before losing the last five games of the match. In the California desert, however the Spaniard even for a moment “smelled” hope. His arms as if they were not well lubricated, not exactly fired and he lost with 2:6, 3:6 after only 70 minutes.

“In Australia get very close match. I had a good chance to win, said Nadal at the press conference in Indian Wells. – Today was not so. Today he played better than me … This type of matches where the game is not your run is impossible to win. When Roger take advantage as a result, he started to serve very well receive extra confidence and calmness and it becomes very difficult. ”

Federer began the match with a break for 1: 0 after forehand out at Nadal, but more in the next game he in turn fell into the position of seeking salvation. Roger, however, managed to neutralize breykbola Rafa won his submission, which dangers it ended there. In the fifth game he achieved another breakthrough to take this first part with 6: 2.

At the beginning of the second set, the two exchanged a service game to zero, then the Swiss again came to break for 2:1. He was a complete master of the courts in these minutes and with great attacking tennis systematically crushing Nadal. By the end of the match Rafa did not get any chance to break, and Roger came to two match points and still put the first point in this dispute.

“He always welcomes good and I had no answer to these Retur commented Nadal. I had to neutralize his first two shots but could not. I had to send longer and higher balls to his problems. Fail and he took advantage of it. The worst thing in this game happened at the beginning when I was leaky, and then in the second game of the second set. but in this situation played hard against Roger. ”


Kasper Schmeichel did something even his father failed

Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel was the big hero for Leicester in the second leg of the knockout round of the Champions League against Sevilla. He saved a penalty kick by Stevan Nzonzi and prevented the visitors to score the game into overtime. In the first match Dane reflect shot from the spot Joaquin Korea and statisticians immediately noted that the son of the legendary Peter Schmeichel was the first goalkeeper to save a penalty shootout in both games of a round in the knockout phase of the Champions League.

“I am proud of my teammates, this is an incredible achievement for the whole club. Before there so long was in Ligue 2, but now with Leicester’m in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. We had a clear plan that we followed all the time. We knew Sevilla will rule the ball longer than us. It allowed them to create however many positions, “he said Schmeichel happy.

“Saving is my work. It is very nice to help his team in such an important match. Confidence was key to our ultimate success. We showed football last season. I have no preference which will fall in the next round,” said the watchman of “foxes”.


Sock in the way of Grigor chance to Bulgarians

Jack Sock stands in the way of Grigor Dimitrov to the second round of the Masters in Indian Wells.

The American made an appointment with the Bulgarians after a difficult victory in three sets over Henri Laaksonen while Grisham cope easily with Russian veteran Mikhail Youzhny.

The match between Dimitrov and juice will be played in the early hours on Wednesday EST. The match is the fourth of the second largest court, where the program will begin in 20 hours. This means that the meeting Dimitrov – Sock will probably start around 3-4 hours after midnight local time.

The court against one another will face two of only three players with two ATP titles this year, which goes to show that we can expect great clash between two masters rocket into shape.

Sock triumphed in Auckland and Delray Beach while Gregory grabbed trophies in Brisbane and Sofia.

If you look at previous matches between the two, then we can definitely conclude that the juice is not the favorite contenders Dimitrov. 24-year-old American leads 2: 1 in direct duels. Gregory won the first – in 2014 in Stockholm (5: 7, 6: 4, 6: 3). However Sock has achieved two victories over weak for Bulgarians in 2015 – 7: 6 (7), 6: 2, 6: 3 at Roland Garros and 5: 7, 7: 6 (5) 7: 5 Masters in Montreal.

However, Dimitrov is considered the favorite in the match and could not be otherwise given exclusive game show of the season. His is the advantage in the world ranking – 13th place against 18th for Sock, which is his best ranking so far in his career.

Key to Grigor will play aggressively on return of serve and to cope with the powerful servings opponent while not allowing him to make good his forehands from the back of the court.

However, it is obliged to do so, because a victory over juice would put him in a wonderful situation to reach the quarterfinals. The reason is that any rival Dimitrov second round Marin Cilic knocked out in the second round. So if successful over juice in a battle for a place in the top 8 Grisham would have met the winner of the match between unseeded Taylor Fritz and Malek Jazeera.

The program for the sixth day of the tournament also includes many matches exceptional level. We will look super clashes as Rafael Nadal – Fernando Verdasco Roger Federer – Steve Johnson, Nick Kiryos – Alexander Zverev and spectacle Novak DjokovicJuan Martin del Potro.


Jumpstart Grigor on Indian Wells

Bulgarian best tennis player Grigor Dimitrov started in superb fashion participation of the tournament series “Masters” in Indian Wells. 13th in the world Bulgarian defeat Russian veteran Mikhail Youzhny with 6: 4, 6: 0 in a match of the second round, it was the first match between the two players. Placed under №12 seeded Dimitrov died right in the first round, while former №8 rankings in ATP Southern (№84 now) overcame the start with 6: 4, 6: 4 his young compatriot Daniil Medvedev.

The match continued 1 hour and 10 minutes, Grigor record 7 aces and one double fault. Southern recorded two aces and six double faults and realizes his only break point of the match, but lost himself lodging goals 5 times.

Gregory served first in the match and won zero opening submission, and then immediately broke 15 for the early advance of 2: 0. In the next game Dimitrov made a lot of errors in its service and led to instantly return to the attack. Then the game went game for game with no breakthroughs to 5: 4 for Dimitrov. In the tenth game The server South not withstand Grigor managed in a very crucial moment to break, thus closed the first set in his favor.

Key in the second set proved to be the second game that lasted more than 10 minutes. It The server South managed to affect several breykpoynta as one of the points transferred beautiful Bulgarian rival. Dimitrov, however, managed to break through and break 34-year-old Russian. With a series of 8 consecutive game in the match, 25-year-old Haskovo no chance of South and secure a place in the third round of the prestigious competition.

In the next phase semi-finalists of the Australian Open will compete with the winner of the match between American Jack Juice (№17 in the scheme) and Swiss qualifier Henri Laaksonen. Dimitrov has 2 defeats 3 matches against juice and 123 th in the world Laaksonen still has not played.


The failure of Murray in Indian Wells is not so surprising

World No. 1 Andy Murray shocking losses Located at 129th place in the ATP rankings Vashek Pospisil more in his debut match of the first “Masters” for 2017 and at Indian Wells.

The Scot suffered a third major disappointment since occupied the top of the world rankings at the end of last year. At the beginning of this season, Murray lost the final in Qatar against Novak Djokovic, then was eliminated in the second round of the Australian Open parvensstvo tennis and now was eliminated miserably in California.

Historically, however, the Scot certain difficulties in Indian Wells, although in 2009 ranked in the final, who lost to Rafael Nadal.

Aside from the other two semi-finals on his account, then in the last seven years for the fourth time it happens Murray to leave after the first or second game in California.

This time, his defeat is further surprising because just a week ago triumphed 45th career title in Dubai.

Murray else is the fourth in the history of acting leader in the world rankings, which eliminated in his first match in Indian Wells – Pete Sampras did it in 1997 and 1999, Andre Agassi – in 2000 and Roger Federer in 2007.